MAFActive Protein Enriched Skin Cream

It is a high quality skin cream, for use as a massage cream or to enrich and improve the skin with selected proteins and oils.  This cream is mild enough to be used in sensitive areas such as eyelids and delicate areas.  For external use only.  The cream is available in two formats, MAFActive Original, containing approximately 25ng of vitamin D binding protein per pea sized dab

Contents of MAFActive Original Skin Cream – Water, almond oil, emulsifying wax NF, borax, glycoprotein

MAFActive Protein Enriched Skin Cream with added Frankincense

MAFActive Frankincense Protein Enriched Skin Cream, a high quality skin cream containing approximately 100ng of vitamin D binding protein per pea sized dab and extracts of frankincense.  The higher amounts of the protein support a more intense requirement.  We use two types of frankincense in our blend, frankincense carterii and frankincense sacra.  These are the most studied of the frankincense in use with cancer, with the sacra being sourced from the Dhofur region of Oman, considered the finest frankincense available.  Boswellic acid is one of the major cancer fighting elements in frankincense so this extract of frankincense is also added back in to improve the concentration of this component.

Contents of MAFActive Frankincense Protein Enhanced Skin Cream – Water, almond oil, emulsifying wax NF, frankincense sacra, frankincense carterii, extracts of frankincense , borax, glycoprotein.

Warning – both the above creams contain almond oil

MAFActive Radiance Protein Enriched Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Radiance is a nut-free alternative to our popular skin creams, containing the well-known MAFActive immune support protein at about 25ng per application.  Using advanced plant stem-cell technology, this is a beautifully textured anti-wrinkle skin cream that is gentle and yet effective.  It contains no harsh chemicals and is ideally suited for the delicate eye region.  This is THE cream where daily skin care combines with daily holistic care.

MAFActive Immune Support Plus + Food supplement is now discontinued – the creams do everything this did, but better, with a longer shelf life and no need for refrigeration

Storage and use of MAFActive creams

Apply topically to troubled areas to sooth, smooth and improve the appearance of many skin blemishes.   Use as a lymphatic massage to enjoy the benefits of the specially selected proteins which may target and nourish your skin’s immunity.  Main lymph junctions are found in the groin, armpits and neck for a targeted massage.  For a more gentle lymphatic massage, gently massage the cream into the back of the hand or lower leg.  Just a small amount is needed to benefit from the selected proteins and oils, start with a small smudge and work up to a dab.  Feedback is always welcome at  Feedback from other satisfied customers can be seen at  Other information can be found at (this website is worth a read).

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources, and use within 4 months of opening. Store in freezer if not in use. Not tested on animals, contains no animal products

All products made in a facility that handles almond oil.